Working to keep your dairy products safe

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The Dairy Authority of South Australia is the legislative body that oversees the production of all dairy products in the State to ensure that food safety standards are maintained, and all South Australian dairy products are safe for people to eat and drink. We do this by applying the Food Safety Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) food standards at each point of the dairy production process. Dairy farmers, transporters of raw milk, and processors of milk products are all required to be accredited with the Authority and are regularly audited to ensure they are complying with the standards. The South Australian dairy industry produces between 500 and 600 million litres of milk each year from more than 250 dairy farms, which makes its way to nearly 50 dairy processors, before going to stores and then to consumers. Because of near universal support for the food safety standards and processes, there are very few issues reported each year in the dairy supply chain.   Banner image: (cc) Adam Campbell