Year End 2016

2016 has seen major changes at The Dairy Authority of South Australia.  In June 2016,  Brian Owens commenced his role as our new Chief Executive.   The last six months has seen a lot of work happening behind the scenes.  

Brand Promise

The Team at the Dairy Authority have conducted both internal and external reviews to ensure we remain relevant in a dynamic industry.  In 2017 we will publish our new brand promise ‘why we exist’ accompanied by what we strongly believe will be our “Operating Values” to ensure we offer continued Food Safety support to the Industry.

Name / Logo Change

As with all business entities we recognise the need to refresh our image and have agreed to changing the name of the Dairy Authority along with generating a new look LOGO – watch this space…!


To remain true to our core activity of supporting Dairy Food Safety, a renewed Strategic Plan is currently being developed to be published in the early part of 2017 with clear objectives to guide us through the coming years.

2017 Expectations

We will seek out differing approaches to provide Food Safety messaging and updates.

We will seek out efficient ways of working both internally and with Industry.

A friendly reminder…

… to all dairy farmers and processors when undertaking major extensions, variations or changes to your processing systems to notify The Dairy Authority of these changes.  Examples could be the installation of new filler lines, variations/extensions to building in your factory/sheds.  Please advise us of these changes.  DAOSA would be happy to talk with you about the Food Safety requirements when preparing to make changes to your set up.

and finally…

Office Opening Times

The Dairy Authority of South Australia will be open on normal business days over the Christmas / New Year period.




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