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Dairysafe Update – Changes to the Auditing Service

Dear Dairy Processors / Farmers / Transporters

Re: Dairysafe update

Earlier this year we made an announcement that proposed changes to our service model were under consideration. Please find below an update on the changes that are now underway and to be implemented over the course of the 2017-18 financial year.

Introducing Total Quality Certification Services for Auditing of Processors and Transporters

  • The auditing of Food Safety programs for processors and transporters producing for the domestic market only will now be audited by Dairysafe through our third-party auditors, Total Quality Certification Services International (TQCSI) (see below for details).
  • Audit schedules have been planned and TQCSI will shortly contact you to arrange your next audit.
  • The auditor you will initially meet is Carolin Arndt, an experienced auditor based here in South Australia.
  • Dairysafe remains responsible for all new processor and transporter applications, annual accreditations and the management of any adverse audit findings identified during audits so as to ensure any issues are resolved promptly.

I would ask that we welcome TQCSI & Carolin Ardnt and continue to collectively develop exceptional food safety programs and culture here in South Australia.

Auditing of Farmers

  • Nothing has changed…auditing of dairy farms will continue as per the current arrangements with one of our existing auditors; Fiona Little, Keith Ellerton, Leonie Ellerton and Trevor Keele attending.

Changes to the Dairysafe Team

  • As a result of the auditing role change, Jola Ganczarczyk has left the Dairysafe team and will be working with the Department of Agriculture and Water & Resources (DAWR), assisting with the auditing of export accredited dairy operations.

Auditing of Export Dairy Processors

  • The Department of Agriculture, Water & Resources (DAWR) will assume the responsibility for the export audits conducted in South Australia.
  • Dairysafe will utilise the DAWR export audits to minimise duplication, therefore, not requiring a TQCSI or a Dairysafe auditor to attend these premises.
  • Dairysafe will continue to work closely with the DAWR, as is always the case, but particularly so during this transition of responsibilities. We are committed to working closely to ensure that management of adverse auditing findings or issues raised are handled promptly.
  • Dairysafe remains responsible for state based accreditations and applications.Should any queries arise as a result of the above changes, please contact our office on 8223 2277 or call me direct on 0438 729 632.

Brian Owens

Chief Executive

8 August 2017

 TQCSI website and office details

Quality House, 117A Tapleys Hill Road, Hendon SA 5014 AUSTRALIA ph: 61 8 8347 0603  fax: 61 8 8445 9423






Raw Cow’s Milk

South Australia Health has recently taken action against a South Australian dairy after a number of cases of gastro have been linked with consuming unpasteurised (raw) cow’s milk.

Below is a link to the SA Health website and the media announcement.

 For further information please contact SA Health on Telephone: (08) 8226 6000.






Australian Dairy Industry – Package Assisting Small Exporters (PASE)

The Dairy Australia team has announced that the Package Assisting Small Exporters (PASE) web portal is now live.

If you are interested in starting a dairy business to supply domestic and/or export markets, go to the following link below. The portal site contains an introductory ‘self-assessment’ tool to assist you in understanding what is required to become trade ready.



Dairy Authority is now DAIRYSAFE





We have a new look and a new name, with a stronger than ever push for greater food safety in dairy food production. The Dairy Authority of South Australia has been renamed DAIRYSAFE.  With a strengthened emphasis on working with all dairy industry parties, we look forward to collaborating with farmers, processors and government agencies in the promotion of a highly respected and acknowledged food safety culture in South Australia.  Recognition of a safe and premium dairy food industry is our aim.


DAIRYSAFE will be your first point of contact and we will help you through the legalities of dairy food safety, providing up to date information on all related matters.

We will be pro-active in ensuring our dairy industry has access to the education, training and opportunities for innovation that underpin the State’s export advantages.

We will partner with industry participants to provide tools and information to ensure their products meet all dairy food standards.

The dairy industry contributes almost $800 million to the South Australian economy, hence our desire to be recognised as a leader in dairy food safety, providing confidence for expansion and innovation for new and existing parties to invest in this industry in this state.

Over the coming months, we will be gradually updating our website, introducing new avenues to keep you informed, hold information seminars on topics of relevance for our farmers and processors and take every opportunity to meet face to face with people involved in the dairy industry.

DAIRYSAFE, 33 Hutt Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 ? T: 08 8223 2277  e:



New “Decision Support Tool” for Australian Cheesemakers launched.

In December 2016 Australian Specialist Cheesemakers’ Association teamed up with Dairy Food Safety Victoria to launch a new online “decision support tool” for Australian cheesemakers who are interested in making raw milk cheese under the new Food Standards.  See link below for more information on this predictive tool to help cheesemakers and regulators to work out acceptable parameters for Australian raw milk cheese.

Year End 2016

2016 has seen major changes at The Dairy Authority of South Australia.  In June 2016,  Brian Owens commenced his role as our new Chief Executive.   The last six months has seen a lot of work happening behind the scenes.  

Brand Promise

The Team at the Dairy Authority have conducted both internal and external reviews to ensure we remain relevant in a dynamic industry.  In 2017 we will publish our new brand promise ‘why we exist’ accompanied by what we strongly believe will be our “Operating Values” to ensure we offer continued Food Safety support to the Industry.

Name / Logo Change

As with all business entities we recognise the need to refresh our image and have agreed to changing the name of the Dairy Authority along with generating a new look LOGO – watch this space…!


To remain true to our core activity of supporting Dairy Food Safety, a renewed Strategic Plan is currently being developed to be published in the early part of 2017 with clear objectives to guide us through the coming years.

2017 Expectations

We will seek out differing approaches to provide Food Safety messaging and updates.

We will seek out efficient ways of working both internally and with Industry.

A friendly reminder…

… to all dairy farmers and processors when undertaking major extensions, variations or changes to your processing systems to notify The Dairy Authority of these changes.  Examples could be the installation of new filler lines, variations/extensions to building in your factory/sheds.  Please advise us of these changes.  DAOSA would be happy to talk with you about the Food Safety requirements when preparing to make changes to your set up.

and finally…

Office Opening Times

The Dairy Authority of South Australia will be open on normal business days over the Christmas / New Year period.




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